Web Application Firewall

LiteSpeed Web Server offers excellent ModSecurity compatibility, allowing sophisticated rules for filtering out attacking requests by checking for known attack signatures. LSWS has built-in WAF security features to block bad connections. LiteSpeed also works well with popular mod_security rules set such as Owasp, Atomicorp, Comodo and CloudLinux Imunify360. LiteSpeed works well with other firewalls such as ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf) etc.

LSWS's built-in WAF security features

Mitigating HTTP-level DDoS AttacksHow to mitigate DDoS attacks with LSWS's security features
Advanced Anti-DDos Setup ServiceLiteSpeed can set it up for you. Learn how it works and what it entails.
WordPress Protection built-in to LSWS How LSWS built-in feature WordPress Brute Force Protection works?
Block xmlrpc.php bot attack How to block bot attack to xmlrpc.php?

LSWS works well with common WAF Mod_security rule sets

As mentioned previously, LSWS supports most of the mod_security rules commonly used. Since Apache and LiteSpeed may have different rule sets, please make sure to download the appropriate set for each web server. The following will explain the detailed steps for configuring rule sets to use with LSWS.

LSWS with a control panel

LSWS with cPanel

Install and configure Comodo WAFHow to install and configure Comodo mod_security rules to work with LiteSpeed on cPanel
ModSecurity Vendors How to use cPanel's ModSecurity Vendors feature with LSWS
Imunify360 Hosting Control Panels Specific Settings

LSWS without a control panel

Install and configure Comodo WAFHow to install and configure Comodo mod_security rules to work with Standalone LiteSpeed Web Server
OWASP mod_security rule setHow to use OWASP mod_security rules with LiteSpeed Web Server
Atomicorp WAFHow to use Atomicorp mod_security rules with LiteSpeed Web Server

Mod Security compatibility

mod_security CompatibilityLSWS is compatible with most common mod_security rules

Mod Security FAQ for LSWS

LSWS mod_security FAQFrequently Asked Questions about Mod Security on LSWS
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