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Web ADC ZeroConf

ZeroConf helps mitigate downtime and reduce complexity in an ever-changing environment. Features simple one-time setup, and a familiar API.

What is ZeroConf


Zero-Configuration is a Web ADC API that makes data-center-wide deployment extremely easy. Cluster configuration data is consolidated and uploaded to the ADC from the backend server. Never manually enter site and server information again! Our WHM Web ADC ZConf Manager plugin provides easy access to the API.

Cluster Configuration Made Easy

Typically, shared hosting environments struggle to keep load balancer settings up-to-date amid constantly changing configurations.
With ZeroConf, there is no need to manually configure the load balancer.
Create one configuration to be distributed automatically, and manage your High Availability cluster with ease!

  • simplified management

    Simplified Management

    Configure domains and aliases, SSL data (certificate, private key, CA-chain), and backend IPs
  • versatile clustering

    Versatile Clustering

    Mix-and-match cloud backends, as ZeroConf does not rely on any cloud vendor's auto-scaling function
  • easy migration

    Easy Migration

    Transfer a domain by simply dropping it from one server configuration and adding it to another
  • dynamic scaling

    Dynamic Scaling

    Use straightforward "server up" and "server down" messages to add and remove nodes as needed
  • crash recovery

    Crash Recovery

    Quickly spin up a new server and have it ready to replace a crashed backend node using a single command

cPanel Integration

cpanel integration

Our cPanel plugin automatically updates the Web ADC configuration to match the backend so that no manual Web ADC updates are needed.

  • Automatically detects changes in the backend configuration and sends the ZeroConf API messages to Web ADC
  • Simple setup of Web ADC connection
  • Allows exclusion of specific users or sites from ZeroConf updates
  • One-click convenience features for forcing re-generation of ZeroConf data and initiating the message upload

The cPanel plugin greatly simplifies management of load balancing for large hosting environments. Reduce cost and complexity while simultaneously providing significant added value to hosting clients.

Administrators can simply enable ZeroConf on their cPanel plugin to automatically configure and deploy load balancing for their hosted clients.

When changes are made to hosted sites, our plugin automatically detects the change and updates Web ADC with the new configuration data, provisioning the load balancing feature with no manual intervention required.

Additional Information:

ZeroConf API

For customers who wish to manage their load balancing configuration directly, without using the cPanel plugin, the Web ADC ZeroConf messaging API provides configuration, control and monitoring access to Web ADC cluster provisioning.

Additional information on the ZeroConf API is available on our Wiki, along with example curl commands for sending the data to ADC.

Our Apache configuration compatible tool ap2zconf is available for customers to generate the message data from existing Apache configuration files.

	" - - [27/Apr/2018:11:23:39 -0400] "POST /ZCUP?name=cpanel-153 HTTP/1.1" 401 1143"
	" - zero [27/Apr/2018:11:23:39 -0400] "POST /ZCUP?name=cpanel-153 HTTP/1.1" 200 0"
	" - - [27/Apr/2018:11:23:40 -0400] "POST /ZCSSL?name=cpanel-153 HTTP/1.1" 401 1143"
	" - zero [27/Apr/2018:11:23:40 -0400] "POST /ZCSSL?name=cpanel-153 HTTP/1.1" 200 0"
	" - - [27/Apr/2018:11:23:51 -0400] "POST /ZCUP?name=cpanel-224 HTTP/1.1" 401 1143"
	" - zero [27/Apr/2018:11:23:51 -0400] "POST /ZCUP?name=cpanel-224 HTTP/1.1" 200 0"