LiteSpeed Web ADC Features 2019-10-08 21:00:29 LiteSpeed Web Application Delivery Controller is an affordable, feature-rich, and flexible high-performance HTTP load balancer application. Learn more!

LiteSpeed Web ADC Features

LiteSpeed Web Application Delivery Controller (LSLB) is an affordable, high-performance HTTP load balancer application.

Web ADC is feature-rich, secure, and efficient, offering more flexibility than similarly-priced load balancing software.

An excellent choice for small enterprises, Web ADC can improve service speed and reliability.

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LiteSpeed Exclusive

  • Cache + ESI Power

    Assemble and serve dynamic web pages entirely from cache without backend server interaction.

  • HTTP/2 Support

    HTTP/2 gets content to consumer devices more quickly

  • QUIC Support

    Reduce connection establishment time and improve congestion-control with QUIC

  • Web ADC ZeroConf

    Mitigate downtime, reduce complexity, and make cluster management a breeze with ZeroConf.

  • Layer-7 Anti-DDoS Filtering

    Use sophisticated statistics-based sensing for detecting and thwarting DDoS attacks.

  • ADC Replication

    LiteSpeed Web ADC provides out-of-the box, real-time, asynchronous replication capability.

Features in Detail

  • Features

    • Page Cache Support
    • File Backed Cache Storage
    • Dynamic Web Cache Open API
    • Edge Side Includes/Cache
    • ZeroConf for Simple Cluster Management
    • Magento Acceleration
    • WordPress Acceleration
    • LiteMage Support
    • PageSpeed Support & Optimization
    • Layer 7 HTTP/HTTPS Load Balancing
    • Layer 4 Load Balancing
    • SSL/TLS Offloading
    • Session Affinity With Failover
    • High Availability With Built-in Status & Management System
    • Content Aware Request Routing
    • Intuative WebAdminConsole GUI
  • Security

    • Supports SSLv2, SSLv3, and TLSv1
    • IP-level Bandwidth & Request Rate Throttling
    • IP-level Connection Accounting For DDoS Protection
    • Hotlink Protection
    • Strict HTTP Request Checking
    • Mod_Security Compatible Web Application Firewall
    • Request Filtering (HTTP Firewall): Filter Attacking Requests Based On Request Content
    • External Application Firewall For Dynamic Content
    • Run Entire Server Process In chroot
  • Reliability

    • Zero downtime maintenance (including reconfiguration and software upgrades)
    • Watchdog and instant recovery maximize uptime
    • High Availability with built-in status and management system
    • Graceful shutdown: all requests in process will be completed.
    • Runs completely in the user space, OS reliability is not affected
  • Scalability

    • Event Driven + Multi-Process
    • 1M Concurrent Connections per Node
    • 40K Requests/Sec per Core
    • 400 SSL TPS per Core
    • 6Gbps per Core
    • 32Gbps Total Throughput
  • Availability

    • High Availability IP Failover
    • Cross Data Center Replication
    • Cache Data Synchronization
  • Flexibility

    • HTTP/1.1 & HTTP/1.0 Backward Compatible
    • Multiple Load Balancing Algorithms: Round Robin, Least Load, Least Session
    • Multi-Worker Process Support
    • Direct Requests Based On Domain Name, Request URL, Cookies, SSl Session, etc
    • Realtime Monitoring Of Backend Server Health
    • Support for HTTP, HTTPS, LiteSpeed SAPI, FastCGI, and AJPv13 Backends
    • Dynamic Response gzip Compression/Decompression
    • gzip Compression With Backend HTTP Server
    • Automatic HTTP Protocol Upgrade/Downgrade To Maintain Persistent Connections With Backend Servers
    • URL Rewrite Compatible
    • SSL Acceleration
    • SSL Session Cache & SSL Tickets
    • SSL SNI Mass Hosting
    • Multi-Certificate Support
    • Geotargeting Support
    • IPv6 Support