LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server Features 2019-11-08 22:56:39 LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server is cutting-edge and feature-rich: HTTP/2 and QUIC support, Anti-DDoS advances, and more! Upgrade from Apache with zero downtime.

LiteSpeed Enterprise Features

LiteSpeed Enterprise, our signature product, is packed with cutting-edge features to deliver superior performance.

Replace Apache and experience the LiteSpeed difference immediately, with no downtime.

accelerate internet

Accelerate Your Internet Now!


HTTP/3 Support

LiteSpeed is the first to provide a production-ready implementation of this new Internet protocol, previously known as HTTP-over-QUIC.

Learn more about HTTP/3 and LiteSpeed's pioneering efforts here!

LiteSpeed Exclusive

  • Apache Drop-In Replacement

    Reads Apache config files directly, supports .htaccess, WAF...with no downtime!
  • HTTP/2 Support

    HTTP/2 gets content to consumer devices more quickly
  • QUIC Support

    Reduce connection establishment time and improve congestion-control with QUIC
  • Zero Downtime

    Only LiteSpeed Web Server allows you to update your web server software with no downtime
  • Anti-DDoS Advances

    LiteSpeed Web Server mitigates denial of service attacks
  • Event-Driven

    LSWS is event-driven and Apache is process-based.

Features in Detail