HTTP/3 is Coming 2019-08-15 19:53:37 HTTP/3, the latest version of HTTP is in development. LiteSpeed Technologies has been following up and implementing this new protocol closely. Learn More.

The HTTP/3 Protocol

There is a new version of HTTP in development, and it is to be called HTTP/3.

How are QUIC and HTTP/3 Related?

QUIC was originally a Google effort to improve HTTP/2 by transporting it encrypted over UDP. In 2016, the IETF began working to standardize the protocol. Part of that process involved splitting QUIC into the transport and application protocols. For some time, the application protocol was referred to as HTTP-over-QUIC, but in November of 2018, the IETF announced that HTTP-over-QUIC would be called HTTP/3.

The IETF is still defining what HTTP/3 will look like. There will be several iterations of review and revision before a standard is adopted, and LiteSpeed will continue to be involved every step of the way. Our goal is to be the first to offer a production-ready HTTP/3 server implementation. We did it with SPDY, HTTP/2, and QUIC, and we can do it again!

lscxf screenshot

lscxf screenshot

Our QUIC Implementation

The Internet currently uses a version of the QUIC protocol called "Google QUIC," sometimes abbreviated gQUIC. It started as a Google experiment between the Chrome browser and some of the Google services, in an effort to improve upon HTTP/2. We added support for Google QUIC to our Web Server and ADC products in 2017. At around the same time, Google handed off the protocol to the IETF for standardization..

Learn more about LiteSpeed's QUIC implementation.

LiteSpeed is First

technology timeline
HTTP2 May 15, 2015 IETF IETF HTTP/2 RFC Published
May 20, 2015 LiteSpeed LiteSpeed Web Server is World's First to Support HTTP/2
QUIC July, 2016 Google Google QUIC Internet Draft Published
July, 2017 LiteSpeed LiteSpeed Is First to Provide Production Grade Mass Market Quic Implementation, Benefiting All Chrome Users
September, 2017 LiteSpeed LiteSpeed Open Sources QUIC Client Library
HTTP/3 January, 2018 IETF IETF Settles Header Compression Debates
June, 2018 IETF IETF Makes Last Major HTTP/3 + QPACK Decisions
July, 2018 LiteSpeed LiteSpeed Open Sources QPACK Compression Library
October, 2018 LiteSpeed LiteSpeed's Test HTTP/3 Server Operational
November, 2018 LiteSpeed First Successful Interoperability Test Performed by LiteSpeed and Facebook

Development Milestones