Plesk Extension

Our Plesk Plugin has just recently been added. In addition to basic plugin features, the Plesk Plugin makes getting trial licenses easier:

  • Install/Uninstall LiteSpeed Web Server.
  • Automatically downloads and installs a trial license if selected during install.
  • Version management: upgrade to the latest version of LSWS, switch between different versions.
  • Run LSWS on a port offset: run LSWS on a port other than to fully test all your web applications.
  • One-click switch between Apache and LiteSpeed Web Server.
  • Downloads PHP with LSAPI for CentOS. Custom PHP setups can be configured in the LiteSpeed WebAdmin console.
  • Restart LiteSpeed Web Server.
  • License management: check license status, migrate license.
  • Portal to LiteSpeed WebAdmin console.

Add the Extension

To add the Plesk Extension, just download it from our downloads page and add the .zip in Plesk’s Server Management > Extensions.