LiteSpeed Load Balancer Release Log

LiteSpeed Load Balancer 1.8 is the current stable release. LSLB 2.0 is currently in development and will include a number of new features, such as built-in page caching and layer 4 load balancing.

Version Release Date Type
LSLB 2.0RC3 01-29-2016 Feature enhancements
  • Improved WebAdmin real-time statistics.
  • Improved HA replication.
  • Improved stateful session tracking.
  • Improved server stability.
  • Upgraded bundled OpenSSL to 1.0.2f.
LSLB 2.0RC2 11-19-2015 Feature enhancements and minor bug fixes
  • Improvements to session data replication.
  • Improvements to mod_security engine.
  • Minor bug fixes.
LSLB 2.0RC1 10-14-2015 Major feature enhancements
  • Added HTTP/2 support.
  • Added High Availablity support through integration with Keepalived/CARP and session data replication.
  • Added Page Cache support.
  • Updated ModSecurity engine to support @rbl and @inspectfile operators.
  • Added Multi-worker processes support with shared internal states to take advantage of multi-CPU/core SMP servers.
  • Added shared SSL session cache and SSL ticket synchronization.
  • Added Multi-Certificate support to use RSA, DSA, and ECC certificates for the same domain.
  • Added SSL SNI mass hosting configuration.
LSLB 1.8 10-16-2014 Security patch and feature enhancements
  • Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.1j to address vulnerabilities in 1.0.1i.
  • SSLv3 turned off by default for HTTPS virtual hosts.
  • Added support for TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2.
  • Ended Solaris, FreeBSD 4/5, and Mac OSX support.
LSLB 1.7 1-8-2010 Feature enhancements and minor bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug in WebAdmin console that cannot save certain configuration.
  • Show blocked IP in WebAdmin console.
  • Linked against OpenSSL to 0.9.8l.
  • Added TCP_CORK to minimize packet segmentations.
LSLB 1.6 1-28-2009 Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that causes HEAD request take long time to finish.
  • Pass through 'deflate' response body.
LSLB 1.5 12-10-2008 Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that causes server process to crash when one of the backend node failed to respond to ping request.
  • Blank response header from backend server will be ignored.
LSLB 1.4 10-1-2008 Feature enhancements and minor bug fixes
  • IP to geo location feature has been updated to match new changes in Apache mod_geoip.
  • Special care has been added to handle 1xx response from proxied back-end web servers.
  • Fixed a bug that cause LSLB not to reload license key after the key being updated.
LSLB 1.3 6-30-2008 Minor bug fixes
  • A bug that affects updating monthly lease license key has been fixed.
  • A bug in request filter has been fixed.
LSLB 1.2 5-19-2008 Feature enhancements and minor bug fixes
  • Automated license management has been added.
  • Minor bug fixes in the HTTP engine core.
LSLB 1.1 12-17-2007 Feature enhancements and minor bug fixes
  • Various bug has been fixed in the core HTTP engine.
  • network throughput has been fine tuned.
  • Many new features from the web server branch has been added.
LSLB 1.0 6-4-2007 Initial Public Release