Fast & Reliable Hosting Platform

  • By partnering with LiteSpeed... we are able to boast one of the fastest and most reliable solutions in the industry, and confidently back it with a 100% uptime SLA.

    Kristin A.Director of Product DevelopmentView testimonial
  • Every client at Crucial Web Hosting runs on LiteSpeed... LiteSpeed is at the heart of our systems and our performance demanding clients wouldn't have it any other way.

    Richard G.CEOView testimonial
  • The immediate boost in performance can be felt even before tweaking the configuration for LSWS. Once fully configured, LSWS lives up to its expectations and provides a noticeable performance boost without requiring additional hardware purchases from the customer.

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  • In our shared environments, optimal performance for PHP based sites/applications is critical and Litespeed helps us deliver that to our customers... We're constantly recommending the software to colleagues...

  • We love LiteSpeed! For small and large deployments, LiteSpeed is our go-to web server, not only for its high performance, but also for its ease of use and installation. Without question, LiteSpeed has greatly improved our web hosting performance and reliability.

    Matthew EHead GeekView testimonial
  • Our customers are able to handle much more traffic than they could with Apache and we’re able to add nearly double the number of sites per server without sacrificing crucial load times.

  • GigeNET
  • Crucial
  • KnownHost
  • HawkHost
  • GeekStorage
  • NameHero

Cost Effective - Save Money on Hardware and Maintenance

  • Steadfast recommends LiteSpeed as a heavily optimized alternative to the Apache web server, helping our customers to avoid expensive upgrades and get more out of their existing hardware... No other software delivers the same set of benefits.

    Kevin S.CTOView testimonial
  • Large websites with heavy loads appreciate... this affordable software based solution rather than purchasing expensive new hardware. Many of our smaller clients have found... LiteSpeed services are a great way to keep their site loading smoothly without having to pay the higher rates of a dedicated server.

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  • Like most providers, we started off with the open source web server, Apache, because it was free... Litespeed’s web server has allowed us to triple our capacity for requests and therefore generate more revenue per server.

    Tyler H.PresidentView testimonial
  • We found that we could process thousands or tens of thousands of requests per second on Litespeed while using only a fraction of the system resources Apache would require under the same workload.

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  • Average load on servers drops significantly after installation of LiteSpeed Web Server. Its a good investment if you plan to increase your server's performance, but don't want to upgrade hardware.

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  • steadfast
  • InterServer
  • stablehost
  • MDDHosting
  • HostForWeb

Unparalleled Performance Boost

  • After switching to LiteSpeed, we forgot about the problem of crashing web servers. We now handle many times more traffic than we did in the beginning - using the same three old web servers we had Apache on three years ago!
    In conclusion, do you know any other websites in the Alexa top 300 that run on three old web servers?

    PopAds.netView testimonial
  • In our experience, we have seen page loading cut in half by using LiteSpeed over a traditional Apache installation. This makes customer sites faster and also helps to reduce the server load.

    George C.System AdministratorView testimonial
  • We have seen huge reductions in page load time and equally massive reductions in CPU utilization when servers get busy.

    Nick P.DirectorView testimonial
  • We have witnessed improvements, with website load times typically halving across all major Content Management solutions, ranging from basic Wordpress setups to the most complex of Magento stores.

    Jesse M.COOView testimonial
  • PHP & MySQL just can't handle such traffic unless you have a large infrastructure, and that would cost a lot. The secret here is to deploy LiteSpeed and enable the cache.

    Hamza A.PDGView testimonial
  • PopAds
  • SimpleHelix
  • SimpleServers
  • VentraIP
  • genious