Support Services


In addition to the free support options offered above, users in need of immediate, specialized support have option of ordering our premium support.

Premium support gives you access to our experienced system administrators, many of whom are part of our core development team.

In our online store, we offer a number of premium support packages for installation, optimization, and personalized troubleshooting.

Order Premium Support

support premium

Premium Support

  • Performance optimization
  • Installation service (conversion from Apache and fine tuning)
  • LiteSpeed Cache setup for your web platform (vBulletin, Magento, WordPress...)
  • Advanced anti-DDoS setup (dynamically block attacking IPs at your firewall)
  • Available 24/7

Bug Reports

Our development team prides itself on quick and effective responses to bug reports. Enterprise customers can submit a ticket to our ticket system. All other users should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See our instructions on how to report a bug.