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The const.default.ini file contains the default configuration for LSCWP. It can be used, for example by hosting providers, to change the default settings for the plugin. The file is located in the 'data' folder.

Changes to const.default.ini do not prevent users from changing their plugin settings.

This is the standard const.default.ini file, as shipped in LSCWP.

; This is the default LSCWP configuration file
; All keys and values please refer const.cls.php
; Here just list some examples
; Comments start with `;`

purge_upgrade = true

cache_priv = true

cache_commenter = true

cache_object_host = 'localhost'
cache_object_port = '11211'

cache_browser_ttl = 2592000

public_ttl = 604800
public_ttlDefault Public Cache TTL
private_ttlDefault Private Cache TTL
front_page_ttlDefault Front Page TTL
feed_ttlDefault Feed TTL
404_ttlDefault 404 Page TTL
403_ttlDefault 403 Page TTL
500_ttlDefault 500 Page TTL
cache_privCache Logged-in Users
cache_commenterCache Commenters
cache_restCache REST API
cache_page_loginCache Login Page
cache_faviconCache favicon.ico
cache_resourcesCache PHP Resources
mobileview_enabledCache Mobile
mobileview_rulesList of Mobile User Agents
litespeed-cache_uri_privPrivate Cached URIs
litespeed-cache-drop_qsDrop Query String
purge_upgradePurge All On Upgrade
timed_urlsScheduled Purge URLs
timed_urls_timeScheduled Purge Time
litespeed-forced_cache_uriForce Cache URIs
litespeed-excludes_uriDo Not Cache URIs
excludes_qsDo Not Cache Query Strings
excludes_catDo Not Cache Categories
excludes_tagDo Not Cache Tags
nocache_cookiesDo Not Cache Cookies
nocache_useragentsDo Not Cache User Agents
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