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The const.default.ini file contains the default configuration for LSCWP. It can be used, for example by hosting providers, to change the default settings for the plugin. The file is located in the /wp-content/litespeed-cache/data folder.

As of v3.3 of our WHM plugin, hosting providers can use a custom const.default.ini file when enabling or mass enabling LSCWP by placing the file under the /usr/src/litespeed-wp-plugin/ directory. This file will then be used for all sites installing a new copy of LSCWP.

Changes to const.default.ini do not prevent users from changing their plugin settings.

This is the standard const.default.ini file, as shipped in LSCWP.

; This is the default LSCWP configuration file
; All keys and values please refer const.cls.php
; Here just list some examples
; Comments start with `;`

purge_upgrade = true

cache_priv = true

cache_commenter = true

cache_object_host = 'localhost'
cache_object_port = '11211'

cache_browser_ttl = 2592000

public_ttl = 604800
public_ttlDefault Public Cache TTLText or numeric value
private_ttlDefault Private Cache TTLText or numeric value
front_page_ttlDefault Front Page TTLText or numeric value
feed_ttlDefault Feed TTLText or numeric value
404_ttlDefault 404 Page TTLText or numeric value
403_ttlDefault 403 Page TTLText or numeric value
500_ttlDefault 500 Page TTLText or numeric value
cache_privCache Logged-in UsersTrue or false
cache_commenterCache CommentersTrue or false
cache_restCache REST APITrue or false
cache_page_loginCache Login PageTrue or false
cache_faviconCache favicon.icoTrue or false
cache_resourcesCache PHP ResourcesTrue or false
mobileview_enabledCache MobileTrue or false
mobileview_rulesList of Mobile User AgentsText or numeric value
litespeed-cache_uri_privPrivate Cached URIsText or numeric value
litespeed-cache-drop_qsDrop Query StringText or numeric value
purge_upgradePurge All On UpgradeTrue or false
timed_urlsScheduled Purge URLsText or numeric value
timed_urls_timeScheduled Purge TimeText or numeric value
litespeed-forced_cache_uriForce Cache URIsText or numeric value
litespeed-excludes_uriDo Not Cache URIsText or numeric value
excludes_qsDo Not Cache Query StringsText or numeric value
excludes_catDo Not Cache CategoriesText or numeric value
excludes_tagDo Not Cache TagsText or numeric value
nocache_cookiesDo Not Cache CookiesText or numeric value
nocache_useragentsDo Not Cache User AgentsText or numeric value
css_minifyCSS MinifyTrue or false
css_combineCSS CombineTrue or false
css_http2CSS HTTP/2 PushTrue or false
js_minifyJS MinifyTrue or false
js_combineJS CombineTrue or false
js_http2JS HTTP/2 PushTrue or false
optimize_ttlCSS/JS Cache TTLText or numeric value
html_minifyHTML MinifyTrue or false
css_inline_minifyInline CSS MinifyTrue or false
js_inline_minifyInline JS MinifyTrue or false
optm_css_asyncLoad CSS AsynchronouslyTrue or false
optm_ccss_genGenerate Critical CSSTrue or false
optm_ccss_asyncGenerate Critical CSS In BackgroundTrue or false
litespeed-optm-ccss-separate_posttypeSeparate CCSS Cache Post TypesText or numeric value
litespeed-optm-css-separate_uriSeparate CCSS Cache URIsText or numeric value
optm_css_async_inlineInline CSS Async LibTrue or false
optm_js_deferLoad JS DeferredTrue or false
optm_exclude_jqueryExclude JQueryTrue or false
litespeed-cache-dns_prefetchDNS PrefetchText or numeric value
optm_rm_commentRemove CommentsTrue or false
css_combined_priorityCombined CSS PriorityTrue or false
css_excludeCSS ExcludesText or numeric value
js_combined_priorityCombined JS PriorityTrue or false
js_excludeJS ExcludesText or numeric value
optm_max_sizeMax Combined File SizeText or numeric value
optm_qs_rmRemove Query StringsTrue or false
optm_ggfonts_asyncLoad Google Fonts AsynchronouslyTrue or false
optm_ggfonts_rmRemove Google FontsTrue or false
litespeed-optm-cssCritical CSS RulesText or numeric value
litespeed-optm-js-defer-excludesJS Deferred ExcludesText or numeric value
optm_emoji_rmRemove WordPress EmojiTrue or false
litespeed-optm_excludesURI ExcludesText or numeric value
media_img_lazyLazy Load ImagesTrue or false
litespeed-media-lazy-img-excludesLazy Load Image ExcludesText or numeric value
media_img_lazy_placeholderLazy Load Image PlaceholderText or numeric value
media_placeholder_respResponsive PlaceholderTrue or false
media_placeholder_resp_colorResponsive Placeholder Background ColorText or numeric value
media_placeholder_resp_asyncGenerate Reponsive Placeholder In BackgroundTrue or false
media_iframe_lazyLazy Load IframesTrue or false
media_img_lazyjs_inlineInline Lazy Load Images LibraryTrue or false
media_optm_autoOptimize AutomaticallyTrue or false
media_optm_cronOptimization CronTrue or false
media_optm_oriOptimize Original ImagesTrue or false
media_rm_ori_bkupRemove Original BackupsTrue or false
media_optm_webpOptimize WebP VersionsTrue or false
media_optm_losslessOptimize LosslesslyTrue or false
media_optm_exifPreserve EXIF dataTrue or false
media_webp_replaceImage WebP ReplacementTrue or false
litespeed-media-webp_attributeWebP Attribute To ReplaceText or numeric value
media_webp_replace_srcsetWebP For Extra srcsetTrue or false
cdnEnable CDNTrue or false
cdn_oriOriginal URLsText or numeric value
litespeed-cdn-ori_dirIncluded DirectoriesText or numeric value
cdn_excludeExclude PathText or numeric value
cdn_remote_jqueryLoad JQuery RemotelyTrue or false
cdn_cloudflareCloudflare APITrue or false
cdn_cloudflare_emailEmail AddressText or numeric value
cdn_cloudflare_keyGlobal API KeyText or numeric value
cdn_cloudflare_nameDomainText or numeric value
esi_enabledEnable ESITrue or false
esi_cached_admbarCache Admin BarTrue or false
esi_cached_commformCache Comment FormTrue or false
cache_objectObject CacheTrue or false
cache_object_kindMethodText or numeric value
cache_object_hostHostText or numeric value
cache_object_portPortText or numeric value
cache_object_lifeDefault Object LifetimeText or numeric value
cache_object_userUsernameText or numeric value
cache_object_pswdPasswordText or numeric value
litespeed-object_global_groupsGlobal GroupsText or numeric value
litespeed-object_non_persistent_groupsDo Not Cache GroupsText or numeric value
cache_object_persistentPersistent ConnectionTrue or false
cache_object_adminCache Wp-AdminTrue or false
cache_object_transientsStore TransientsTrue or false
cache_browserBrowser CacheTrue or false
cache_browser_ttlBrowser Cache TTLText or numeric value
check_advancedcacheCheck Advanced CacheText or numeric value
login_cookieLogin CookieText or numeric value
litespeed-adv-purge_all_hooksPurge All HooksText or numeric value
use_http_for_https_varyImprove HTTP/HTTPS CompatibilityTrue or false
instant_clickInstant ClickTrue or false
debug_disable_allDisable All FeaturesTrue or false
debugDebug LogText or numeric value
admin_ipsAdmin IPsText or numeric value
debug_levelDebug LevelText or numeric value
log_file_sizeLog File Size LimitText or numeric value
heartbeatHeartbeatTrue or false
debug_cookieLog CookiesTrue or false
collaps_qsCollapse Query StringsTrue or false
log_filtersLog FiltersTrue or false
litespeed-log_ignore_filtersExclude FiltersText or numeric value
litespeed-log_ignore_part_filtersExclude Part FiltersText or numeric value
crawler_usleepDelayText or numeric value
crawler_run_durationRun DurationText or numeric value
crawler_run_intervalInterval Between RunsText or numeric value
crawler_crawl_intervalCrawl IntervalText or numeric value
crawler_threadsThreadsText or numeric value
crawler_load_limitServer Load LimitText or numeric value
crawler_domain_ipSite IPText or numeric value
litespeed-crawler-as-uidsRole SimulationText or numeric value
crawler_custom_sitemapCustom SitemapText or numeric value
crawler_include_postsInclude PostsTrue or false
crawler_include_pagesInclude PagesTrue or false
crawler_include_catsInclude CategoriesTrue or false
crawler_include_tagsInclude TagsTrue or false
crawler_excludes_cptExclude Custom Post TypesText or numeric value
crawler_order_linksOrder links byText or numeric value
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