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 ===== How to Use the Crawler Script===== ===== How to Use the Crawler Script=====
-[[https://​www.litespeedtech.com/​packages/​litemage2.0/​M2-crawler.sh | Download from here]]+  -[[https://​www.litespeedtech.com/​packages/​litemage2.0/​M2-crawler.sh | Download from here]] 
 +  - Change the permissions so that the file is executable: ''​chmod +x M2_crawler.sh''​ 
 +  - Run the script: ''​bash M2-crawler.sh SITE-MAP-URL''​
-Change ​the permissions so that the file is executable+==== More Options==== 
-''​chmod +x M2_crawler.sh''​+  * ''​-h,​ --help'':​ Show this message and exit. 
 +  * ''​-m,​ --with-mobile'':​ Crawl mobile view in addition to default view. 
 +  * ''​-c,​ --with-cookie'':​ Crawl with site's cookies. 
 +  * ''​-b,​ --black-list'':​ Page will be added to blacklist if HTML status error and no cache. Next run will bypass page. 
 +  * ''​-g,​ --general-ua'':​ Use general user-agent instead of lscache_runner for desktop view. 
 +  * ''​-i,​ --interval'': ​Change ​request interval. ''​-i 0.2''​ changes from default 0.1 second to 0.2 seconds. 
 +  * ''​-v,​ --verbose''​Show complete response header under ''/​tmp/​crawler.log''​. 
 +  ​* ​''​-d, --debug-url'':​ Test one URL directlyas in ''​sh M2-crawler.sh -v -d http://​example.com/​test.html''​
 +  * ''​-qs,​--crawl-qs'':​ Crawl sitemap, including URLS with query strings. 
 +  * ''​-r,​ --report'':​ Display total count of crawl result.
-==== Crawl Desktop&​mobile share same theme==== +Example commands: ​ 
-''​sh M2-crawler.sh SITE-MAP-URL''​ +  * To get help: ''​bash M2-crawler.sh -h''​ 
- +  * To change default interval request from 0.1s to custom NUM value: ''​bash M2-crawler.sh SITE-MAP-URL -i NUM''​ 
-==== More Options==== +  * To crawl with cookie set: ''​bash M2-crawler.sh -c SITE-MAP-URL''​ 
-  * To get help: ''​sh M2-crawler.sh -h''​ +  * To store log in ''/​tmp/​crawler.log'':​ ''​bash M2-crawler.sh -v SITE-MAP-URL''​ 
-  * To change default interval request from 0.1s to custom NUM value: ''​sh M2-crawler.sh SITE-MAP-URL -i NUM''​+  * To debug one URL and output on screen: ''​bash M2-crawler.sh -d SITE-URL''​ 
 +  * To display total count of crawl result: ''​bash M2-crawler.sh -r SITE-MAP-URL''​
 +NOTE: Using multiple parameters at the same time is allowed ​
 ===== How to Generate a Sitemap===== ===== How to Generate a Sitemap=====
-The Sitemap ​module ​is build-in ​for generating a sitemap ​in Magento 2, and it's fast. +Magento 2 has a builtin ​module for generating a sitemap and it's fast.
 ==== Enable sitemap ==== ==== Enable sitemap ====
-Navigate to Magento ​admin page -> Stores ​-> Settings ​-> Configuration ​-> Catalog ​-> XML Sitemap ​\\ +Navigate to **Magento ​Admin > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > XML Sitemap** 
-{{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​litemage2:​m2-4.png?​600|}} ​\\+{{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​litemage2:​m2-4.png?​600|}}
-Set Generation Settings Enabled to ''​Yes'' ​\\+Set **Generation Settings ​Enabled** to ''​Yes''​
 {{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​litemage2:​m2-5.png?​600|}} {{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​litemage2:​m2-5.png?​600|}}
-==== Configuring a single sitemap ​for all storefronts ​==== +==== Configuring a Single Sitemap ​for All Storefronts ​==== 
-Navigate to Magento ​admin page -> Marketing ​-> Seo & Search ​-> Sitemap +Navigate to **Magento ​Admin > Marketing > Seo & Search > Sitemap** 
-  - Click **Add Sitemap** button +  - Click the **Add Sitemap** button 
-  - Enter value +  - Enter values 
-    * Filename: ''​sitemap.xml''​ +    ​* **Filename**: ''​sitemap.xml''​ 
-    * Path: ''/''​ +    ​* **Path**: ''/''​ 
-  - Click **Save & Generate** button+  - Click the **Save & Generate** button
 {{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​litemage2:​m2-2.png?​600|}} \\ {{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​litemage2:​m2-2.png?​600|}} \\
-If all went well, a sitemap.xml file will generated in your magento ​2 document root.+If all went well, a ''​sitemap.xml'' ​file will have been generated in your Magento ​2 document root.
 ===== Crawl Interval ===== ===== Crawl Interval =====
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 E.g. This will run twice a day, at 3:​30am/​15:​30:​ ''​30 3/15 * * * path_to_script/​M2_crawler.sh SITE-MAP-URL -m -i 0.2''​ E.g. This will run twice a day, at 3:​30am/​15:​30:​ ''​30 3/15 * * * path_to_script/​M2_crawler.sh SITE-MAP-URL -m -i 0.2''​
-Note: You can also use [[https://​crontab.guru/​|online crontab tool]] help you to verify time settings.+Note: You can also use [[https://​crontab.guru/​|online crontab tool]] ​to help you to verify ​the time settings.
-===== How to Verify ===== +===== How to Verify ​the Crawler is Working ​===== 
-When using [[https://​developers.google.com/​web/​tools/​chrome-devtools/​|the browser developer tool]], ​you should see ''​X-LiteSpeed-Cache:​ hit,​litemage'' ​at the first view.+When using [[https://​developers.google.com/​web/​tools/​chrome-devtools/​|the browser developer tool]], ​load a previously uncached page. You should see ''​X-LiteSpeed-Cache:​ hit,​litemage'' ​on the first view.
 {{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​litemage2:​m2-3.png?​600|}} {{:​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​litemage2:​m2-3.png?​600|}}
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