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-====== LSCache Module ====== +~~REDIRECT>​litespeed_wiki:​cache#​lscache_configuration_without_plugins~~
- +
-A highly customizable high-performance page cache for dynamic content built into LiteSpeed Web Server. Similar to Varnish but more efficient! This is general setup guildline. If LSCache plugin has been developed for your application,​ you may follow ​ **[[litespeed_wiki:​cache#​litespeed_cache_plugins_by_application|the related installation wiki]]** accordingly since it may not need configuration outlined here.  +
- +
-LSCache is included free in 2-CPU+ licenses and as an add-on for other licenses. You can either upgrade your license to a 2-cpu license or add an add-on to your exiting VPS/Ultra VPS/1-CPU license. Please check [[litespeed_wiki:​licenses:​add-lscache|here]] on how to add LSCache to your licenses.+
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