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 =====Enable LiteSpeedCache lookup by placing the following to .htaccess at Doc_Root ===== =====Enable LiteSpeedCache lookup by placing the following to .htaccess at Doc_Root =====
 +Place the following into .htaccess:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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   * Check the checkbox next to ''​LiteSpeed Cache''​.   * Check the checkbox next to ''​LiteSpeed Cache''​.
   * Click **Install**.   * Click **Install**.
 +===== Verify/Test if LiteSpeed cache is working or not  =====
 +You will need to check the response header "​X-LiteSpeed-Cache:​ hit" from browser developer tools to ensure LiteSpeed cache is working.
 +You can verify a page is being served from LiteSpeed cache through the following steps:
 +  - Open the Chrome/​Firefox developer tools on a non-logged-in browser and navigate to your site. Open the Network tab.
 +  - Refresh the page.
 +  - Click the first resource (this should be an HTML file and the resource'​s headers should appear) and ensure you can see "​X-LiteSpeed-Cache:​ hit"
 +  - If you see "​X-LiteSpeed-Cache:​ miss", refresh the page and check the header again.
 +  - If you can not see "​X-LiteSpeed-Cache:​ hit" header and it means LiteSpeed is not working yet/not enable properly yet. Please go back to the above steps to see if any steps missed. ​
 =====Configuration===== =====Configuration=====
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