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   - Edit ''/​etc/​sysconfig/​memcached''​ and change <​code>​OPTIONS=""​   - Edit ''/​etc/​sysconfig/​memcached''​ and change <​code>​OPTIONS=""​
 USER=""</​code>​ to <​code>​OPTIONS="​-s /​path/​to/​memcached.sock -a 0770" USER=""</​code>​ to <​code>​OPTIONS="​-s /​path/​to/​memcached.sock -a 0770"
-USER="​username"</​code>​ where ''​user'' ​is the same user that runs PHP.+USER="​username"</​code>​ where **USER** ​is the same user that runs PHP.
   - Start Memcached <​code>​service memcached start</​code>​   - Start Memcached <​code>​service memcached start</​code>​
   - Check if everything is working well: <​code>​nc -U /​path/​to/​memcached.sock   - Check if everything is working well: <​code>​nc -U /​path/​to/​memcached.sock
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