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-Please note that this will requires v3.0 rc 10 and later.+====== How to Turn Custom Code into an ESI Block ======= 
 +**Please note that this requires v3.0 rc 10 or later.**
-===== How to make my code into ESI block ====== +Add the following ​code into the place where you want to insert the block:
- +
-add following code +
 ''​apply_filters( '​litespeed_esi_url',​ '​my_esi_block',​ '​Custom ESI block' ); ''​ ''​apply_filters( '​litespeed_esi_url',​ '​my_esi_block',​ '​Custom ESI block' ); ''​
-to where you want to insert the block, ​ for example :+For example :
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 some_code_here some_code_here
 <div> <div>
-apply_filters( '​litespeed_esi_url',​ '​my_esi_block',​ '​Custom ESI block' );+<?php 
 +echo apply_filters( '​litespeed_esi_url',​ '​my_esi_block',​ '​Custom ESI block' ); 
 </​div>​ </​div>​
 some_code_here some_code_here
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-and then add following code into your theme'​s ​**functions.php**:+and then add following code into your theme'​s ​''​functions.php''​:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 add_action( '​litespeed_esi_load-my_esi_block',​ '​my_esi_block_esi_load'​ ); add_action( '​litespeed_esi_load-my_esi_block',​ '​my_esi_block_esi_load'​ );
-function ​my_esi_block_esi()+function ​my_esi_block_esi_load()
 { {
 do_action( '​litespeed_control_set_ttl',​ 300 ); do_action( '​litespeed_control_set_ttl',​ 300 );
-echo "Hello world";​+#do_action( '​litespeed_control_set_nocache'​ ); 
 +echo "Hello world".rand (1,99999);
 } }
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-where **my_esi_block** is the block name , for your convenience ,  **Custom ESI block** is short comment , **300** is the TTL for this block ,  set to **0** for no-cache+In this example, ''​my_esi_block'' ​is the block name, ''​Custom ESI block'' ​is short comment, ​and ''​300'' ​is the TTL for this block.
 +You can change it to ''​do_action( '​litespeed_control_set_nocache'​ );''​ if you want to set this block to ''​no-cache''​.
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