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 +====== Suppressing Non-Critical Banners ======
 +Sometimes the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress adds informational banners to your WordPress Dashboard, such as this one:
 +These banners are meant to be informational,​ but they are not critical to the functioning of the plugin. If you would prefer to stop such banners from appearing on your dashboard, simply create an empty file called ''​.litespeed_no_banner''​ in your WP document root.
 +LSCWP will check if that file exists before displaying any non-critical banners. If the file is there, the banner will not be displayed. In future versions of the plugin you will be able to control this from the LiteSpeed Cache settings area in the WP Dashboard. Until then, we have this manual method.
 +**NOTE** This file does //not// suppress notifications such as ''​Purged all caches successfully.''​ and other messages related to the functioning of the plugin.
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