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-===== Lazy Load breaks ​AMP validation ​======+====== Lazy Load Breaks ​AMP Validation [DEPRECATED] ​====== 
 +**Please Note: This wiki is no longer valid for modern versions of LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress. Additionally,​ LSCWP documentation has moved to [[https://​docs.litespeedtech.com/​lscache/​lscwp/​|a new location]].**
-A temporarily solution ​is following code to your theme'​s ''​functions.php'':​+When Lazy Load is enabled in the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress, it can break AMP validation.  
 +=====Temporary Solution===== 
 +Add the following code to your theme'​s ''​functions.php'':​
 <​code>​function_exists( '​is_amp_endpoint'​ ) && is_amp_endpoint() && ! defined( '​LITESPEED_NO_LAZY'​ ) && define( '​LITESPEED_NO_LAZY',​ true ) ;</​code>​ <​code>​function_exists( '​is_amp_endpoint'​ ) && is_amp_endpoint() && ! defined( '​LITESPEED_NO_LAZY'​ ) && define( '​LITESPEED_NO_LAZY',​ true ) ;</​code>​
-And then purge cache, this should ​disable ​lazy load on AMP pages.+Purge the cache. This will disable ​Lazy Load on all AMP pages. 
 +In some theme , if that code doesn'​t work when inserted in theme'​s ''​functions.php'',​ you can also insert it into ''/​wp-content/​plugins/​amp/​includes/​class-amp-theme-support.php''​
-Permanent solution will be integrated into LSCWP v3.0+ , please ​update ​it once when it releases.+=====Permanent ​Solution===== 
 +A permanent ​solution will be integrated into LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress, starting with version 3.0. Please ​update ​to 3.0 once it becomes available.
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