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 Some actions may unintentionally trigger a purge. Some actions may unintentionally trigger a purge.
-===== Possible ​reason ​===== +===== Possible ​Explanations ​===== 
-  - **Settings->​Purge** ​Do you enabled ''​All pages'' ​item and you frequently do post? +  - **Settings > Purge**: Have you enabled ''​All pages''​and you post frequently
-  - **Settings->​Advanced** ​Do you manually ​add any hooks to ''​Purge All Hooks''​+  - **Settings > Advanced**: Have you manually ​added any hooks to **Purge All Hooks**
-  - Do you have any plugins ​enable/​disable ​automatically when page load?+  - Do you have any plugins ​that are automatically ​enabled or disabled ​when page loads?
 ===== Diagnosis ===== ===== Diagnosis =====
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