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 +Query to upgrade v2 image optimization database to v3 image optimization database.
 +<​code>​UPDATE `wp_litespeed_img_optm` SET optm_status='​3'​ WHERE optm_status='​requested';​
 +UPDATE `wp_litespeed_img_optm` SET optm_status='​6'​ WHERE optm_status='​notified';​
 +UPDATE `wp_litespeed_img_optm` SET optm_status='​9'​ WHERE optm_status='​pulled';​
 +UPDATE `wp_litespeed_img_optm` SET optm_status='​-1'​ WHERE optm_status='​failed';​
 +UPDATE `wp_litespeed_img_optm` SET optm_status='​-3'​ WHERE optm_status='​miss';​
 +UPDATE `wp_litespeed_img_optm` SET optm_status='​-9'​ WHERE optm_status='​err';​
 +UPDATE `wp_litespeed_img_optm` SET optm_status='​-5'​ WHERE optm_status='​err_fetch';​
 +UPDATE `wp_litespeed_img_optm` SET optm_status='​-7'​ WHERE optm_status='​err_optm';​
 +UPDATE `wp_litespeed_img_optm` SET optm_status='​-8'​ WHERE optm_status='​xmeta';​
 +ALTER TABLE `wp_litespeed_img_optm`
 + DROP INDEX `post_id_2`,​
 + DROP INDEX `root_id`,
 + DROP INDEX `src_md5`,
 + DROP INDEX `srcpath_md5`,​
 + DROP COLUMN `srcpath_md5`,​
 + DROP COLUMN `src_md5`,
 + DROP COLUMN `root_id`,
 + DROP COLUMN `target_saved`,​
 + DROP COLUMN `webp_saved`,​
 + DROP COLUMN `server_info`,​
 + MODIFY COLUMN `id` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,​
 + MODIFY COLUMN `optm_status` tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
 + MODIFY COLUMN `src` text COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL;
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