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 **Note:** If a build is missing, you're always able to find it here as well: https://​groups.google.com/​g/​litespeed-edge-users **Note:** If a build is missing, you're always able to find it here as well: https://​groups.google.com/​g/​litespeed-edge-users
 +===== Version 6.0.8 =====
 +=== Build 1 ===
 +  [Bug Fix]  Address a regression introduced in v6.0.8 that can cause random crashing.
 +=== Build 0 ===
 +  [Bug Fix] Address a mod_security corner case causing hanging worker processes.
 +  [Bug Fix] Disable mod_security engine for requests rewritten to ReCAPTCHA.
 +  [Bug Fix] Address an ESI encoding corruption bug that mainly affected Prestashop caching.
 +  [Improvement] Internal redirects now carry over "​Last-Modified"​ and "​Content-type"​ response headers set by scripts.
 +  [Improvement] Add "​ProxyAddHeaders on|off"​ support to avoid sending "​x-Forwarded-for"​ and "​x-forwarded-host"​ proxy headers.
 +  [Improvement] Add `CachePost on|off` support to allow POST cache configuration in Apache configuration files.
 +  [Improvement] Avoid an unintended delay when processing the first request for a newly started PHP worker group.
 ===== Version 6.0.7 ===== ===== Version 6.0.7 =====
 === Build 1 === === Build 1 ===
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