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 ====== LiteSpeed Web Server Changelog ====== ====== LiteSpeed Web Server Changelog ======
 +===== Version 5.4.2 =====
 +=== Build 0 ===
 +  [New Feature] Updated QUIC implementation to support IETF HTTP/3 draft 23.
 +  [New Feature] BBR congestion control for QUIC and HTTP/​3. ​
 +  [New Feature] "​Require env XXXX" access control support.
 +  [New Feature] User/​Account level bandwidth throttling for Redis dynamic virtual hosting.
 +  [Improvement] Further HTTPS SSL layer performance tuning.
 +  [Improvement] Automatically restart running PHP processes when PHP binary changes are detected.
 +  [Improvement] Automatically convert ea-phpXX handler configuration into a phpXX handler when an ea-php handler is not available.
 +  [Improvement] Improved AIO access logging to minimize disk I/O.
 +  [Improvement] Avoid reCAPTCHA verification on AJAX requests to minimize false positives.
 +  [Improvement] Built-in error and reCAPTCHA verification pages are now responsive.
 +  [Improvement] Remove '​['​ '​]'​ enclosure for IPv6 addresses in the access log and request environment variable '​REMOTE_ADDR'​.
 +  [Improvement] Reduced memory usage to improve server scalability.
 +  [Improvement] Improved accuracy of server real-time statistics.
 +  [Improvement] Enable SSL SHM session cache for Apache HTTPS vhost when server level SSH session cache is enabled.
 +  [Improvement] Disable TLSv1.0 by default for better PCI compliance.
 +  [Improvement] Automatically disable HTTP/2, SPDY, and QUIC for CSF messenger vhosts on port 8887.
 +  [Improvement] Added "​SmartPush no-cookie"​ directive to disable cookies used for HTTP/2 and QUIC smart push.
 +  [Improvement] Added `lsws/​logs/​critical_alert` log file for writing common license errors that could cause LSWS to stop working.
 +  [Improvement] Improved compatibility with CloudLinux python selector.
 +  [Improvement] Improved modsecurity engine compatibility.
 +  [Improvement] Send "​Alt-Svc"​ header advertising QUIC and HTTP/3 support only once per connection.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed WordPress brute force protection bugs that were causing false positives and crashes.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug causing HTTP/2 requests to stall under rare conditions.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug causing broken non-keepalive HTTPS responses.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a Layer4 tunnel bug that caused random crashes.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed Apache sometimes starting inside the lshttpd cgroup when switching from LSWS to Apache.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed all LSPHP processes not being stopped when switching from LSWS to Apache.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed an .htaccess cache bug that caused the server'​s default PHP handler to be used instead of configured per-vhost suEXEC handlers.
 +  [Bug Fix] Per Apache vhost PHP 7.4 handler now runs in suEXEC mode.
 ===== Version 5.4.1 ===== ===== Version 5.4.1 =====
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