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 ====== LiteSpeed Web Server Changelog ====== ====== LiteSpeed Web Server Changelog ======
 +===== Version 5.4.3 =====
 +=== Build 0 ===
 +  [New Feature] Websocket backend support via the "​ProxyPass"​ directive. ​
 +  [Enhancement] Improved WordPress brute force protection when facing large botnet attacks.
 +  [Tuning] Updated HTTP/3 QUIC engine default congestion control method to CUBIC for better performance in good network conditions.
 +  [Update] Updated WHM plugin to v3.3.5 (includes support for displaying "​critical alerts"​).
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a few bugs in HTTP/3 QUIC engine.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in PID verification that failed to stop processes for detached applications.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in modsecurity engine where LOGGING phase processing was bypassed if a client was using a QUIC connection. ​
 +  [Bug Fix] Properly count 3 character second level domains against license domain limit.
 +  [Bug Fix] Properly parse IPv6 mapped IPv4 addresses in request header.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed missing "​REMOTE_USER"​ request environment variable when HTTP authentication is used.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem with utf-8 characters in request URLs for Python applications.
 +  [Bug Fix] Improved lock contention handling when detached mode PHP processes are started concurrently by multiple server worker processes.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed an ESI sub-request bug that could stall proxy to backend communication.
 +  [Bug Fix] Fixed a DirectAdmin userdir bug.
 ===== Version 5.4.2 ===== ===== Version 5.4.2 =====
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