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How to secure web administration console with HTTPS/SSL

1. go to admin console → listeners


2. add a listener called adminListenerSSL or something like that, make it listen on port 7081 (suggestion) and require SSL

3. then go to the SSL tab and edit it,


4. in the shell, go to lsws/conf/cert/ then ran:

openssl genrsa -out admin.key 1024

and then this:

openssl req -new -x509 -key admin.key -out admin.crt -days 365

5. set Private Key File to $SERVER_ROOT/conf/cert/admin.key 6. set Certificate File to $SERVER_ROOT/conf/cert/admin.crt

7. save changes, graceful restart, make sure 7081 is open in your firewall

try https:<your.server>:7081 and it works for me!

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