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-===== How to disable ​CGI scripts ​=====+====== How to Disable ​CGI Scripts ======
-To disable CGI scripts such as .cgi .pl etc, You need to turn off CGI with Apache configuration like +To disable CGI scripts such as ''​%%.cgi%%'',​ ''​%%.pl%%'', ​etc, You need to turn off CGI within the Apache configurationlike so:
-  Options -ExecCGI+
-For control panel users, you may need to modify related template to make the change permanent. +<​code>​ 
-For example, for Direct Admin, to apply it server wide, you can do it in **/​etc/​httpd/​conf/​extra/​httpd-directories.conf**. ​+Options ​-ExecCGI
-Also, you need to disable user from override "​ExecCGI"​ option, with our DisableCgiOverride option.+</​code>​ 
 +For control panel users, you may need to modify the related template to make the change permanent.
-  <​IfModule LiteSpeed>​ +You must also prevent users from overriding the **ExecCGI** option. Do so with the **DisableCgiOverride** option by adding the following to ''​%%/etc/​apache2/​conf.d/​includes/​pre_main_global.conf%%'':​
-    ​DisableCgiOverride ​On +
-  </IfModule>​+
 +<​IfModule LiteSpeed>​ 
 +  DisableCgiOverride On 
 +When **DisableCgiOverride** is ''​%%ON%%'',​ it will impossible to add new CGI scripts through ''​%%.htaccess%%''​. If you need to add a new CGI script handler, you have to do it in the virtual host config file, like this: 
 +Options -Indexes +ExecCGI 
 +AddHandler cgi-script .pl 
 +For more information,​ please read [[http://​blog.litespeedtech.com/​2013/​03/​15/​closing-the-loopholes-disable-cgi-override/​|Closing the Loopholes]].
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