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-===== reCAPTCHA =====+====== reCAPTCHA ​======
-Since LiteSpeed WebServer 5.4RC1, reCAPTCHA ​has been introduced in order to defend from DDoS attack.+As of LiteSpeed WebServer 5.4RC1, reCAPTCHA ​is available as a method of defense against ​DDoS attack.
-==== How To Enable ​On Server Level ====+===== How To Enable ​at the Server Level =====
-Access ​webadmin ​console ​by https://​YOUR_SERVER_IP:​7080+Access ​the WebAdmin ​console ​via ''<​nowiki>​https://​YOUR_SERVER_IP:​7080 ​</​nowiki>''​
-Configuration -> Server -> Security -> reCAPTCHA Protection+Navigate to **Configuration -> Server -> Security -> reCAPTCHA Protection**
 {{:​litespeed_wiki:​config:​recaptcha1.jpg|}} {{:​litespeed_wiki:​config:​recaptcha1.jpg|}}
-Set **Enable reCAPTCHA** to Yes, this is the master switch.+Set **Enable reCAPTCHA** to ''​Yes''​. This is the master switch.
-For other options ​please ​hover over the ''?''​ symbol to view detail ​information.+For other optionshover over the ''?''​ symbol to view detailed ​information ​about that option.
-For demonstration ​purpose this guide will set it to maximum ​sensitivity and type checkbox ​(please ​adjust ​the value according to your needs.), save and restart LSWS.+For demonstration ​purposes, we will set **Trigger Sensitivity** ​to maximum (''​100''​),​ abd **reCAPTCHA Type** to ''​Checkbox''​. You  may adjust ​these values ​according to your needs. ​Save and restart LSWS.
 {{:​litespeed_wiki:​config:​recaptcha2.jpg|}} {{:​litespeed_wiki:​config:​recaptcha2.jpg|}}
-When access ​the website , it will need to do reCAPTCHA validation to against DDoS attack such as HTTP Flood.+When a visitor accesses ​the website , they will need to go though ​reCAPTCHA validation to protect ​against ​DDoS attack such as HTTP Flood.
 {{:​litespeed_wiki:​config:​recaptcha3.jpg|}} {{:​litespeed_wiki:​config:​recaptcha3.jpg|}}
-You can also only enable reCAPTCHA on an individual virtual host that is under attack while leave other websites ​less intruded and distributed.+You can also enable reCAPTCHA on an individual virtual host that is under attackwhile leaving ​other websites ​disabled.
-=== How To Enable ​On Vhost Level ===+===== How To Enable ​at the Vhost Level =====
-Server level reCAPTCHA must be enable.+Server-level reCAPTCHA must be enabled.
-Please note that virtual host level sensitivity will override the server level.+Please note that virtual-host-level sensitivity will override ​the sensitivity set at the server level.
-== Rewrite Rule: ==+You can enable virtual-host-level reCAPTCHA through rewrite rules or the WebAdmin console.
-using following rewrite rule directive.+==== Rewrite Rule ====
-**[E=verifycaptcha]** or **[E=verifycaptchadeny]** ​+Use one of the following rewrite rule directives:
-[E=verifycaptcha] will always redirect to reCAPTCHA until verified. [E=verifycaptcha:​ deny] will redirect to reCAPTCHA until **Max Tries** is reached, after which the client will be denied.+''​[E=verifycaptcha]''​ or ''​[E=verifycaptcha:​ deny]''​ 
 +''​[E=verifycaptcha]'' ​will always redirect to reCAPTCHA until verified. ​''​[E=verifycaptcha:​ deny]'' ​will redirect to reCAPTCHA until **Max Tries** is reached, after which the client will be denied.
 For example: For example:
-<​code>​RewriteCond SOME-CONDITIONAL-CHECK ​(suspicious UA, IP address ...etc)+<​code>​RewriteCond SOME-CONDITIONAL-CHECK
 RewriteRule .* - [E=verifycaptcha]</​code>​ RewriteRule .* - [E=verifycaptcha]</​code>​
-== LiteSpeed native mode: == +(''​SOME-CONDITIONAL-CHECK''​ would be a suspicious UA, IP address, etc.)
-You can also use LSWS webadmin console to enable reCAPTCHA if it is LSWS native mode.+==== LiteSpeed Native Mode ==== 
-Configuration -> Virtual Hosts -> Security -> reCAPTCHA ​Protection +You can also use LSWS WebAdmin console to enable ​reCAPTCHA ​in LSWS native mode.
- +
 +Navigate to **Configuration -> Virtual Hosts -> Security -> reCAPTCHA Protection**
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