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 ===== Missing /cgi-bin/ folder in document root ===== ===== Missing /cgi-bin/ folder in document root =====
-In a cpanel ​environment,​ under /​home/​USER1/​public_html,​ there is no cgi-bin folder normally. However, in cpanel apache ​virtual host setting, you will find a ScriptAlias setting ​like "​ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /​home/​USER1/​public_html/​cgi-bin/"​If there is a redirect rule in document root .htaccessapache will work ok due to the ScriptAlias setting but LSWS will return ​404 due to the /​cgi-bin/ ​folder ​doesn'​t ​exist. Please check [[litespeed_wiki:​config:​redirect_cgi-bin_no_exist_404|this wiki]] ​on how to fix it.+In a cPanel ​environment,​ under ''​/​home/​USER1/​public_html''​, there is no ''​cgi-bin'' ​folder normally. However, in a cPanel Apache ​virtual host setting, you will find a ''​ScriptAlias'' ​setting ​addresses this issue for ApacheLSWSon the other hand, returns a 404 because ​the folder ​does not exist. Please check [[litespeed_wiki:​config:​redirect_cgi-bin_no_exist_404|this wiki]] ​to learn how to fix it.
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