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 Open the browser with URL ''​http://​server_IP:​8088/''​ Open the browser with URL ''​http://​server_IP:​8088/''​
-==== Choose language ​====+==== wp-config.php file ====
-This will start the Drupal web installer and it will look something like this:+Once you open the url in browser you will see this window:
-{{ :​litespeed_wiki:​installation:​drupal-1.png?600 |}}+{{ :​litespeed_wiki:​installation:​wp-first.png?600 |}}
-Select your preferred language ​and click **Save ​and Continue**.+As you can see, WordPress will ask all database related information on next step and will create ''​wp-config.php''​ file using this information. If for some reasons (mostly permissions issues) WordPress is not able to create this file, it will provide you with data which you can copy and manually create ''​wp-config.php''​ file inside your WordPress home.
-==== Choose profile ​====+==== Database Details ​====
-{{ :undefined:​installation-profile.png?600 |}}+{{ :litespeed_wiki:​installation:wordpress-db.png?600 |}}
-Select your installation ​profileYou have two options here:+We've created the database above. Just enter the database details and click '​Submit'​. If the WordPress installer is successfully able to connect to the database, it will start the installation ​process.
-  * Standard. +==== Run WordPress Install ====
-  * Minimal.+
-Standard would be fine for most users. With Minimal, you will have the option to manually choose which functions to install. For now, you should select Standard.+{{ :​litespeed_wiki:​installation:​runinstall-wp.png?600 |}}
-==== Verify requirements ====+If everything works out great, just click 'Run the install'​ and WordPress will perform the installation.
-On the next step, Drupal checks if all of the requirements are met on the server side. First, make sure to create a settings file using the following command: ​+==== Enter General Website details ====
-  cp sites/​default/​default.settings.php sites/​default/​settings.php+{{ :​litespeed_wiki:​installation:​wp-enter-details.png?600 |}}
-Secondmake sure that the folder which contains Drupal (and all folders/​files inside of it) is owned by the user under which the web server runsin this case user ''​nobody''​.+WordPress will now ask you information regarding your blog/sitelike whats the blog name, username you want to use and passwordexample configurations:​
-Once the requirements are met you will be directed to enter database information.+  * Site Title: litespeedtech 
 +  * Username: litespeedtech 
 +  * Password: litespeedtech 
 +  * Your email: example@example.com
-==== Set up database ====+If you are satisfied with the details click '​Install WordPress'​.
-{{ :​litespeed_wiki:​installation:​drupal-db.png?​600 |}} +WordPress ​is now successfully ​installed, you can browse ​the home at http://server_IP:8088/ and wordpress admin at http://server_IP:8088/wp-admin
- +
- +
-We've created the database above. Just enter the database details and click **Save and continue**. If the Drupal installer ​is successfully ​able to connect to the database, it will start the installation process. +
- +
-==== Configure site ==== +
- +
-On this step, the installer will let you configure settings for your site. Example settings are: +
- +
-  * **Site name:** ''​Litespeedtech''​ +
-  * **Site email address:** ''​drupal@example.com''​ +
-  * **Username:​** ''​litespeedtech''​ +
-  * **Password:​** ''​litespeedtech''​ +
- +
-Once you are satisfied, you can finally click **Save and continue** and your installation is successfully completed. You will now be redirected to the Drupal homepage, which looks something like: +
- +
- +
-{{ :litespeed_wiki:installation:drupal-installed.png?​600 |}}+
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