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 =====XenForo Installation:​===== =====XenForo Installation:​=====
 Setup index.php: Setup index.php:
-Go to the ''​WebAdmin Console > Virtual Hosts > Example > General''​ tab. Click the <​code>​edit</​code> ​button on the ''​Index Files'' ​section and add the following:+Go to the ''​WebAdmin Console > Virtual Hosts > Example > General''​ tab. Click the **edit** button on the **Index Files** section and add the following:
 <​code>/​index.php</​code>​ <​code>/​index.php</​code>​
-Open browser with URL <​code>​server_IP:​8088/​xenforo/​</​code>​ +Open browser with URL ''​server_IP:​8088/​xenforo/​''​ 
-  * Click '''​Begin Installation'''​ button ​+  * Click ''​Begin Installation''​ button ​
     * MySQL User Name: ''​xenforo''​     * MySQL User Name: ''​xenforo''​
     * MySQL Password: ''​xenforo''​     * MySQL Password: ''​xenforo''​
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