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-====== LiteSpeed with Interworx ​integration ​======+====== LiteSpeed ​Web Server Integration ​with Interworx ======
-LiteSpeed should work with Interworx out of the box after the installation. [[http://​docs.interworx.com/​nodeworx/​webserver/​index-How-Apache-or-LiteSpeed-integrate-with-InterWorx.php|The integration ​between LiteSpeed and Interworx]] was done by Interworx Developers ​hence Interworx support ​may be a better resource of support when you have integration questions/​issues. If it is a LiteSpeed ​web server ​specific question, feel free to contact us. +Upon installation, ​LiteSpeed ​Web Server ​should work with Interworx out of the box. 
 +[[http://​docs.interworx.com/​nodeworx/​webserver/​index-How-Apache-or-LiteSpeed-integrate-with-InterWorx.php|The ​LiteSpeed ​integration]] was coded by Interworx Developers, so if you are experiencing issues with integration,​ please try Interworx support ​first. 
 +If you have a LiteSpeed-Web-Server-specific question, feel free to contact us. 
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