Update the expiration time for a key/value pair without fetching it.


touch <key> <TTL> [noreply]


  • key - The name of the unique key by which data is accessed.
  • TTL - The length of time (in seconds) the key/value pair will be stored in cache. A 0 value means the data will “never expire” and should not be removed from the cache unless required. If the TTL is more than 30 days then LSMCD interprets it as UNIX timestamp for expiration.
  • noreply - This optional parameter tells the server not to send any reply.


touch mykey 1200


output notes:

  • 1200 → set “mykey” to be stored for 20 minutes (1200 seconds) from the moment the touch command is run.
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  • Last modified: 2016/04/07 19:38
  • by Rob Holda