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 <?php <?php
 $mem_var = new Memcached();​ $mem_var = new Memcached();​
-$mem_var->​setSaslAuthData('​user',​ '​password'​);​ 
 $mem_var->​setOption(Memcached::​OPT_BINARY_PROTOCOL,​ true); $mem_var->​setOption(Memcached::​OPT_BINARY_PROTOCOL,​ true);
 $mem_var->​setOption(Memcached::​OPT_COMPRESSION,​ false); $mem_var->​setOption(Memcached::​OPT_COMPRESSION,​ false);
 $mem_var->​addServer("​",​ 11211); $mem_var->​addServer("​",​ 11211);
 +$mem_var->​setSaslAuthData('​user',​ '​password'​);​
 $response = $mem_var->​get("​SampleKey"​);​ $response = $mem_var->​get("​SampleKey"​);​
 if ($response) { if ($response) {
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