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 +====== Tip about using Memcache with LSAPI ======
 +Litespeed attempts to make starting up very fast, and it does so by initializing Rails framework in a parent process, then doing the fork. That way, all that disk-scouring to find all the rails files, which takes about 6 seconds of heavy iowait, is only done once.
 +However it also means that any connections you initialize will also be shared among child processes.
 +Database connections - the LSAPI parent process explicitly disconnects after loading, so they'​ll be re-initialized for each child.
 +Memcache connections you need to do yourself. I do so at the bottom of my environment.rb (I'm using memcache-client,​ which sets a global CACHE):
 +  CACHE.reset
 +Thanks to our forum user fantasydreaming for contributing this tip. 8-)
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