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Other External Applications (Ruby, Python, etc.)

How Do I Set Up an External Application?Setting up LSWS to run with dynamic content

Ruby (Rails/Rack)

Ruby on Rails Easy ConfigurationThe easiest way to configure Rails application (LSWS v2.2 and above)
Rails Shared Hosting ConfigurationSetup Rails application through user manageable configuration file in shared hosting environment
Ruby on Rails with MongrelInstall How-To
CapistranoLiteSpeed, LSAPI, and Capistrano How-To
Debug a live Ruby processHow to inspect a live Ruby process
Rails trouble shootingSteps to trouble shoot problem with a Rails application
MemcacheTip about using Memcache with LSAPI
Speed Up InitializationTip about speeding up Rails initialization even more
eRuby setupHow to setup eRuby under LSWS
Internal RedirectFor those seeking x-sendfile or x-accel-redirect feature. We show you how with LiteSpeed.


Python LSAPIHow to set up Python LSAPI
Python with FastCGIHow to install a FastCGI based Python application
Trac SCM with FastCGIHow to install a Trac SCM project with FastCGI
Django web framework with FastCGIHow to deploy Django project with FastCGI
Django web framework with ajp-wsgiHow to deploy Django project with ajp
Apache mod_wsgi app in litespeedHow to run Apache mod_wsgi python app in litespeed


Catalyst MVC with FastCGIHow to install a the Catalyst Framework using FastCGI
Apache mod_Perl equivalentHow to use the persistent Perl CGI daemon?


Node.js setupSimple guide to setting up LSWS with a Node.js application


How Do I Set Up a Servlet Engine to Run JSP?How to set up LSWS to work with JavaServer Pages
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