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 This directive is supported since PHP LSAPI version V6.10. This directive is supported since PHP LSAPI version V6.10.
-===== 7. Special ​Apache directive LS_EXTAPP_ENV on cpanel ​to override External application environment variables ​=====+===== 7. Override External Application Environment Variables ===== 
 +The special ​Apache directive ​''​LS_EXTAPP_ENV''​ can be used on cPanel or other control panel environments ​to override External application environment variables.
-On CPanel or other control panel environment, ​you may have set up "PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR" as step 3 and also set up "PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR" as step 1LSWS will use "PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR" ​from external app environment instead of Apache directives. ​Is there any way to override the external app environment? ​Starting from LSWS 5.3.4, a new special ​apache ​directive ​"LS_EXTAPP_ENV" has been introduced for this purposeYou can place it in Apache virtual host include file to override external app environment settings.+If you have set up ''​PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR''​ in step 3and ''​PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR''​ in step 1LSWS will use ''​PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR'' ​from an external app environment instead of using Apache directives. Starting from LSWS 5.3.4, ​you can override this external app environment using a new special ​Apache ​directive: ''​LS_EXTAPP_ENV''​Place the directive ​in the Apache virtual host include file, like so:
-For example, you have set the following in external app environment:​+For example, ​say you have set the following in an external app environment:​
   PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR=/​home/​USER1/​public_html   PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR=/​home/​USER1/​public_html
-but if you want to override it to another location as "/​home/​USER1/​data", you can add the following to Apache virtual host include file:+If you want to override it to another location, such as ''​/​home/​USER1/​data''​, you can add the following to the Apache virtual host include file:
   <​IfModule Litespeed>​   <​IfModule Litespeed>​
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