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-====== ​Why PHP error reporting not working? ​======+====== ​Troubleshooting ​PHP Not Reporting Errors ​======
-A user tries to enable ​PHP error reporting ​for PHP code troubleshooting ​From ​the phpinfo.php page, seems the local values are correct.+You've enabled ​PHP error reporting ​so that you may troubleshoot ​PHP code, but for some reason, no errors are being reportedWhy? 
 +On the ''​phpinfo.php'' ​page, you see the following ​local values, which are correct
   display_errors On   display_errors On
   display_startup_errors On   display_startup_errors On
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   error_reporting E_ALL   error_reporting E_ALL
-Create ​a test script test.php ​like the following:+To diagnose the issue, let's create ​a test script ​called ''​test.php''​ and add the following ​lines:
   <?php   <?php
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   ?>   ?>
   ​   ​
-Since the faked function ''​zzzzzxzzzzxd''​ doesn'​t exit at all, it should trigger a fatal error when visiting http://​youdomain.com/​testing.php. However, there is no outputting ​any error on web browser, ​neither ​on the local VirtualHost PHP error logs. +Since the faked function ''​zzzzzxzzzzxd''​ doesn'​t exit at all, visiting ​''<​nowiki>​http://​youdomain.com/​test.php</​nowiki>''​ should trigger a fatal error. However, there is no output of any error on the web browser, ​nor on the local VirtualHost PHP error logs. Why not?
- +
-What could be possibly wrong?+
-After checking the phpinfo ​page,  we can see error_log global value showing as ''​32767'' ​and local value showing as ''​E_ALL''​. ​Further check the global php.ini''​error_reporting ​E_ALL''​. ​User has a local override in .htaccess as ''​php_value error_reporting E_ALL''​.+Check ''​phpinfo.php''​ again. We see **error_log**'​s ​global value is ''​32767''​, while the local value is ''​E_ALL''​. ​Check the global ​''​php.ini'' ​and you will find that **error_reporting** is set to ''​E_ALL''​. ​This is because you have a local override ​set in .htaccess as ''​php_value error_reporting E_ALL''​.
-The error reporting syntax in .htaccess php_value override is incorrect. If it is set in php.ini, it should be ''​error_reporting = E_ALL'',​ but if it is override in apache ​conf or .htaccess, ''​error_reporting''​ should be an integer ​instead of ASCII character. Such incorrect syntax will lead to ''​500''​ error for the site.+The error reporting syntax in the .htaccess ​**php_value** override is incorrect. If it is set in php.ini, it should be ''​error_reporting = E_ALL'',​ but if it is an override in the Apache ​conf or .htaccess, ''​error_reporting''​ should be an integer, and not ASCII characters. Such incorrect syntax will lead to ''​500''​ error for the site.
 The corrrect override syntax should be: The corrrect override syntax should be:
   php_value error_reporting 32767   php_value error_reporting 32767
-Here ''​32767''​ in apache ​conf or .htaccess ​means ''​E_ALL''​ in php.ini. After the above change, ​php error reporting ​works fine and php fatal error shows in both browser and php error log. +Here ''​32767''​ in Apache ​conf or .htaccess ​is equivalent to ''​E_ALL''​ in php.ini. After the above change, ​PHP error reporting ​should work fine and PHP should report a fatal error for ''​test.php'' ​in both the browser and the error log.
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