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-Can no longer access websites hosted ​on Plesk via IPv6.+====== Unable to Access IPv6 on Plesk Sites ======
 ===== Symptom And Behavior: ===== ===== Symptom And Behavior: =====
- +After installing ​and switching ​to LSWS on Plesk, hosted sites are no longer accessible via IPv6
-After install ​and switched ​to LSWS, hosted sites are no longer accessible via IPv6+
 ===== Cause: ===== ===== Cause: =====
- +LSWS requires ​an IPv6 listener directive which is not contained by default in Plesk'​s Apache configuration files.
-LSWS requires IPv6 listener directive which is not contained ​default ​by Plesk'​s Apache configuration files.+
 ===== Solution: ===== ===== Solution: =====
- +Add the following directive into ''/​etc/​httpd/​conf/​httpd.conf'':​
-Add following directive into ''/​etc/​httpd/​conf/​httpd.conf'':​+
 <​code><​IfModule LiteSpeed>​ <​code><​IfModule LiteSpeed>​
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 </​IfModule></​code>​ </​IfModule></​code>​
-And graceful ​restart LSWS to take effect.+Graceful ​restart LSWS to take effect.
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