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 How to use Redis in a UNIX socket How to use Redis in a UNIX socket
 +Please use root privilege to execute the following instructions.
 +If Redis fails to start , please verify SELinux is disabled , and all mentioned directories and files have correct permissions to the designated user.
 =====for Centos 7.X===== =====for Centos 7.X=====
-  - Stop redis <​code>​systemctl stop redis</​code>​+1. Stop redis <​code>​systemctl stop redis</​code>​
-  - Copy the service file+2. Copy the service file
 <​code>​cp /​usr/​lib/​systemd/​system/​redis.service /​etc/​systemd/​system/​redis.service</​code>​ <​code>​cp /​usr/​lib/​systemd/​system/​redis.service /​etc/​systemd/​system/​redis.service</​code>​
-  - edit ''/​etc/​systemd/​system/​redis.service''​+3. Edit ''/​etc/​systemd/​system/​redis.service''​
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 change ''​username''​ to same user that runs PHP change ''​username''​ to same user that runs PHP
-  - edit ''/​etc/​redis.conf''​+4. Edit ''/​etc/​redis.conf''​
 change following  ​ change following  ​
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-change ​owner of redis.conf to same username in step 3+5. Change ​owner of redis.conf to same username in step 3
 <​code>​chown username:​group /​etc/​redis.conf</​code>​ <​code>​chown username:​group /​etc/​redis.conf</​code>​
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-  - now start redis.+6. Now start redis.
 <​code>​systemctl start redis</​code>​ <​code>​systemctl start redis</​code>​
-  - Verify it started successfully:​+7. Verify it started successfully:​
 <​code>​systemctl status redis</​code>​ <​code>​systemctl status redis</​code>​
-  - Check if everything is working well:+8. Check if everything is working well:
 <​code>​nc -U /​path/​to/​redis.sock <​code>​nc -U /​path/​to/​redis.sock
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