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-**Surging Home Sales in Vancouver Creates Buzz**+====== Welcome to the LiteSpeed Wiki ====== 
 +LiteSpeed Web Server is an Apache-interchangeable,​ high performance,​ secure, easy-to-use web server. It can handle thousands of concurrent connections with a small memory footprint. Its security features also make it much less vulnerable to various attacks.
-Vancouver in the last couple of years has experienced ​dip in its sales and some of the downtown high rise markets have been staleHowevernew reports out this September have now shown that the market is stirringBut the reasons for the stir may not be the best possible news for Vancouveror for Canada+This wiki was created as place to exchange tutorials ​and configuration tips for LiteSpeed productsHereyou will find easy how-to guides and answers to frequently asked questionsFor explanations of what each LiteSpeed setting doesplease refer to our [[http://​www.litespeedtech.com/​docs/​webserver|documentation]].
-The lowest interest'​s rates in Canadian history have apparently been doing their jobSeptember home sales in Vancouver surged a whopping 64% up from the previous September. Most individuals look at that number and believe it means a full recovery ​must be in the worksHowever, many analysts are reminding buyers to approach with cautionThey still believe there is reason to suspect a housing bubble is expanding but that doesn'​t seem to be deterring buyersOne important fact to remember is September 2012 saw the lowest home sales in nearly thirty years. That means an improvement of 64% percent, while impressive, does not show a complete recovery has taken place.+All users may create and edit contentTo participate ​in the wiki, you must first create an account via our [[http://​www.litespeedtech.com/​support/​forum/​|Support Forum]]You can also use your forum account ​to edit the wiki.
-While home sales have sharply risen, the rate at which homes have been selling has virtually stayed the sameIn fact, home prices are actually 0.7% less than they were sitting at in September ​of last year. This means that in reality, homes are no greater an investment than they were last year. The only real difference is the market is actually excited right now, but that does not mean it will stay that way.+You may also check [[https://​store.litespeedtech.com/​store/​knowledgebase.php|knowledgebase]] for common questions. 
 +===== Wiki Topics ===== 
 +Please choose from one of the following categories (topics ​that fit in multiple categories ​are posted multiple places): ​
-The Vice President of economics at Scotiabank in Toronto pointed out that rising mortgage rates, unimpressive job growth, and massive household debt are reasons to be very cautious on the market today. Of course, even though the new numbers released regarding the last few months of home sales have been positive, it is important to be cognizant of the economy surrounding Vancouver. Although many homeowners see Vancouver as untouchable it too has felt the blowback of Government mortgage regulations and low-interest rates. +  * [[litespeed_wiki:​litespeed-web-server-enterprise|LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise]] 
- +  * [[litespeed_wiki:​lslb|LiteSpeed Web ADC]] 
-In reality, numbers for home sales are still 1% lower than the average yearly amount. However, a strong rise in the amount of sales is significant despite what cautionary economist say. When home buyers see reports about record jumps in the percentage of home sales they are hungrier to buy, and when that starts happening a recovery is likely. So with heads held high the city of Vancouver is looking forward to even more growth over the next year.http://​getyourhomelisted.com/​category/​reviews/​+  * [[litespeed_wiki:​lsmcd|LiteSpeed Memcached]] 
 +  * [[litespeed_wiki:​cache|LiteSpeed Cache Plugins]] 
 +  * [[litespeed_wiki:​licenses|Licenses]] 
 +  * [[litespeed_wiki:faq|FAQ]]
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