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-====== MP4/​H264/​F4V Video Streaming ====== 
-Since 4.1RC2, LSWS support streaming of MP4/​H264/​F4V video files with random seek. 
-===== 1) litespeed settings ===== 
-To enable the feature, make sure file with suffix "​.mp4"​ or "​.f4v"​ has a MIME type of "​video/​mp4"​. 
-the MIME settings file is /​path/​to/​lsws/​conf/​,​ or you can view/edit it in web admin console: 
-  Server-->​General-->​MIME Settings 
-  Suffix: f4v,mp4 
-  Mime Type: video/mp4 
-===== 2) test it at your own website ===== 
-flowplayer is a nice flash player. Let's use it to demo the MP4 streaming and random seek. 
-Here's one of flowplayer'​s demo pages: 
-download all the files in above demo page to one folder under your website'​s document root. 
-Here's the file list: 
-  flowplayer.controls-3.1.5.swf 
-Now there'​s one file left: 
-This is the video file to play, you can select not download it. instead, using your .mp4/.f4v file, and modify the index.htm accordingly. 
-UPDATE: just tried JW Player 5.2, it's much simple and straightforward for mp4 streaming: 
-  <embed 
-        flashvars="​file=yourvideo.mp4&​provider=http&​http.startparam=start"​ 
-        id="​player2"​ name="​player2"​ 
-        width="​320"​ height="​240"​ 
-        src="​player.swf"​ 
-        allowfullscreen="​true"​ 
-        allowscriptaccess="​always"​ 
-        wmode="​transparent"​ 
-  /> 
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