Archived Wiki Pages/Links

Originally in other-ect-apps, under Perl section

Catalyst MVC with FastCGI (Archive)How to install a the Catalyst Framework using FastCGI

Originally in php, under Add-Ons/Extensions section

PHP5 + Suhosin Patch and Extension (Archive)How to build a Litespeed PHP5 LSAPI With Suhosin Patch and Extension

Originally in other-ext-apps, under Ruby (Rails/Rack) section

Debug a live Ruby processHow to inspect a live Ruby process

Originally in LiteSpeed Load Balancer

HA Heartbeat SetupHow to Set Up 2 Instances of LiteSpeed Load Balancer in Active-Standby Configuration

Originally in Plesk

LSWS + Plesk Command LineHow to install LSWS with Plesk from the command line
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