Cache Warmup Crawler

In this wiki we’ll cover

  • What is a cache warmup crawler in LiteSpeed cache plugins such as in LiteMage and Wordpress.
  • What are the benefits
  • How to setup the crawler to warmup the cache after you installed a cache plugin
  • Verify if the crawler is working/running

Normally, when you install the cache plugin and do not setup the warmup crawler then this is what happens: When a user first visits your website page, it will be served from the server backend, meaning; it will be served normally as if there is no cache which would take a bit more time as ofcourse as it would with cache. So on user’s first visit, the page will be cached and when the same user visits the page again, it will be served to him from the cache. ***So technically, the user have to visit each and every page in the website atleast once before those pages can be served to him from cache.

Our web application plugins includes cache warmup function which allows you to warmup your website cache. If you would want to warmup the cache then you’d have to visit the whole website and all the pages manually one by one so that they can be cached by the LiteSpeed cache plugin but this is not an optimal solution hence LiteSpeed cache plugins include the cache warmup crawler function which automatically crawl all the pages in your website and cache it, hence when the user visits the page for the first time, it will be served from the cache which will be faster instead from the backend server.

Setting up the cache warmup crawler is different for different plugins.

For our Magento LiteMage extension, you can find the setup instruction here

For our Wordpress plugin setup instruction here

If you have any question, feel free to ask us on our support forum or slack channel.

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