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Web Cache Web Server Configuration - Plesk Single Site

Set Server level cache root

Create a file named “lscache.conf” with the following content in directory /etc/httpd/conf.d/:

<IfModule Litespeed>
  CacheRoot /var/www/vhosts/lscache/

Note: It is recommended to set the server level Cache Root to /var/www/vhosts/lscache/ or a disk partition with enough space.

LiteSpeed Cache default settings work well with most caching scenarios. For shared hosting environment, please don't change any of the Server Level default cache policy settings and leave them as “Not Set”.

Cache Policy:
Enable Public Cache:Not Set
Check Public Cache:Not Set
Max Object Size:Not Set
Cache Expire Time (seconds):Not Set
Cache Stale Age (seconds)Not Set
Cache Request with Query String:Not Set
Cache Request with Cookie:Not Set
Cache Response with Cookie:Not Set
Ignore Request Cache-Control:Not Set
Ignore Response Cache-Control:Not Set
Enable Private Cache:Not Set
Check Private Cache:Not Set
Private Cache Expire Time (seconds):Not Set

Add the following Apache style configuration directive in your application level .htaccess file to enable cache lookup.

<IfModule LiteSpeed>
   CacheLookup public on

For Advanced Cache Configuration info, look here.

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