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 +====== How to check a LiteMage served page status when no cache ? ======
 +To check a LiteMage served page status without cache, you can certainly disable cache from the LiteMage settings. However more easier way is to add no_cache string at the end of the URL.
 +For example, if URL is
 +  https://​www.example.com/​womens-insulated-jackets/​
 +You can add ''?​no_cache=1''​
 +  https://​www.example.com/​womens-insulated-jackets/?​no_cache=1 (1 or any random number)
 +{{ :​litespeed_wiki:​cache:​litemage:​troubleshooting:​litemage-lscache-nocache.png?​800 |}}
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