LiteMage Cache

LiteMage Cache is the world's fastest full page caching solution for Magento. Built on top of LSCache and designed specifically for Magento, LiteMage can assemble both public and private blocks from cache by hole-punching through ESI to deliver the fastest full-page caching around.

This wiki will guide you through all the steps needed to install and set up the components of LiteMage Cache.

Understanding LiteMage tiers

Understanding LiteMage TiersWhat's the difference between LiteMage tiers and which one do I need?

LiteMage Cache for Magento 1.x

LiteMage 1 Installation/Configuration

LiteMage Cache Installation for Magento 1Installation Guide
LiteMage Cache Extension ConfigurationHow to configure the LiteMage Full Page Cache extension for Magento
LiteMage Cache WarmupFull Page Cache Warmup For Magento
LiteMage Cache FAQLiteMage Cache Frequently Asked Questions
Known Supported ExtensionsA short list of extensions known to work with LiteMage.

LiteMage 1 Troubleshooting

LiteMage 1 Cache Tips & TroubleshootingLiteMage1 troubleshooting

LiteMage Cache for Magento 2.x

LiteMage 2 Installation/Configuration

LiteMage 2 Troubleshooting

LiteMage 2 Cache Tips & TroubleshootingLiteMage 2 troubleshooting

Understanding LiteMage Premium Support Tiers

Understanding LiteMage Premium Support TiersChoose the right support to meet your need
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