LiteMage works out of the box with Magento’s typical configuration most of the time.

As Magento allows customizations (such as to themes or plugins, etc.), sometimes these site modifications cause problems when enabling LiteMage.

LiteSpeed Technologies tries to document any issues reported and provide solutions or recommendations for such circumstances, so the particular issue for your site may already have been addressed in the LiteMage troubleshooting guide

Feel free to check there first to see if you can resolve the problem on your own.

Apart from these issues, Magento stores may have different variations and extensive customization, requiring additional modifications to support LiteMage compatibility.

LiteSpeed Technologies offers Professional Premium Paid Support Service, provided by our LiteMage Support Engineers and LiteMage Developers, to help our clients gain the performance benefits that LiteMage can deliver.

LiteMage Support is offered in three tiers:

Tier 1 Basic: $299

Professional installation of standard LiteMage and web server / LiteMage configuration. Includes:

  • Setting up the cache root
  • Setting up the cache policy
  • Configuring LiteMage
  • Identify and Disable conflicting plugins/modules
  • Verifying that cache is working

Tier 2 Medium: $599

Professional installation of LiteMage of Magento Store with desktop/mobile detection or GeoIP detection. Includes:

  • Tier 1 Items
  • Customized rewrite rules as needed to enable LiteMage for the different views above.

Tier 3 Advanced: $1199

Professional installation of LiteMage for complex Magento stores (different customized themes, plugins, modules, etc.). Includes:

  • Tier 2 items
  • Custom xml, php or other code changes to solve the problem
  • Our experienced Magento / LiteMage developer(s) time as needed.

Worry Free Guarantee

LiteMage Premium support is fully refundable if we fail to enable LiteMage cache for your site.

How to order:

Go to the support section. Choose “LiteMage Cache Setup” - “Basic” will show, this is the $299.00 option. Click “order now”, and you will be able to see the 3 different tiers: Basic, Medium and Advanced. The prices in the drop-down for “Medium” and “Advanced” are in addition to the cost of “Basic”. Select the tier that meets your needs.

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