LiteMage Cache Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between LiteMage Cache and LSCache?

LiteMage Cache is the world's fastest full page cache developed specifically for Magento sites. LSCache is a general caching solution for most applications. LSCache works similarly to Apache's mod_cache or Varnish, but is implemented in a more efficient way.

LiteMage Cache is an improved version of LSCache which works together with the LiteMage Cache extension for Magento to deliver superior caching with an ESI implementation geared specifically for Magento pages.

Can I use LiteMage with LSWS version 4.x.x?

No. Only LSWS versions 5.0 and later have ESI support.

How do I enable the LiteMage log file?

Have a look at our page about enabling this feature.

Can I enable only certain IPs for testing?

Yes, you can. And doing so is highly recommended, especially on production servers. For instructions on how to enable this, have a look at our page about this feature.

How can all 404 pages be purged without purging the entire LiteMage cache?

Navigate to the Magento Admin Panel ⇒ Cache Management screen. Go to “Flush LiteMage Cache By IDs”, select the “CMS Page IDs” drop down, and put the 404 page ID in the input box. After that, click the “Flush LiteMage Cache By IDs” button. For most sites, that ID is 1. However, to be sure, this can be checked by going to Magento Admin Panel → CMS → Pages and find the page for “404 Not Found”. Then click to go to the Edit screen. The URL will then show something similar to “…/cms_page/edit/page_id/1/key/…” with the page ID for this one being “1”. As of version 1.3.4, the 404 pages caused by disabled product or category will carry related product/category IDs. So when the product/category is enabled, the related 404 pages will then be automatically purged as well.

How long are 404 pages cached for?

404 pages are cached with the same public TTL as regular pages are.

How to order owned LiteMage license?

You need to place an order for owned web server license, for example, 2-CPU Owned LSWS license. After you click “Order Now”, LiteMage will be available as an Add-On caching option during the ordering process. Choose the right level of LiteMage package according to your need.

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