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-====== Header/Footer Disappear After Enabling LiteMage Cache ======+~~NOTOC~~ 
 +====== ​Both Header ​and Footer Disappear After Enabling LiteMage Cache ======
-**Problem**: After re-enabling LiteMage Cache, the sites header, footer, and other dynamically loaded blocks ​(or the LiteMage ​specific options ​under System > Cache Management in the Magento Admin Panel) disappear.+==== Problem ​==== 
 +After re-enabling LiteMage Cache, the site'​s ​header, footer, and other dynamically-loaded blocks ​disappear. Also, the **Flush ​LiteMage ​Cache** button ​under **System > Cache Management** in the Magento Admin Panel disappears.
-**Cause**Litespeed_Litemage output was mistakenly disabled+==== Cause ==== 
 +**Litespeed_Litemage output** was mistakenly disabled
-**Solution**: Log into Magento Admin Panel, go to System > Configuration > ADVANCED > Advanced > Disable Module Output, make sure Litespeed_Litemage output is enabled, then save config.+==== Solution ​==== 
 +Log into Magento Admin Panel, go to **System > Configuration > ADVANCED > Advanced > Disable Module Output**, make sure **Litespeed_Litemage output** is enabled, then save config.
-**Notes**: The correct way to disable LiteMage module(not only output) is: System > Configuration > LITEMAGE CACHE > LiteMage Configuration,​ set "Enable LiteMage Cache" ​to "No".+==== Notes ==== 
 +The correct way to disable ​the LiteMage module (not only output) is: **System > Configuration > LITEMAGE CACHE > LiteMage Configuration**, set **Enable LiteMage Cache** to ''​No''​.
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