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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 magento_dir/​shell/​litemage_purge.php magento_dir/​shell/​litemage_purge.php
 Usage: ​ php litemage_purge.php -- [options] Usage: ​ php litemage_purge.php -- [options]
---products <product IDs> ​   Comma delimited product IDs + 
---cats <​category_IDs> ​      Comma delimited category IDs +  ​--products <product IDs> ​   Comma delimited ​list of product IDs
---stores <​store_IDs> ​       Comma delimited store IDs +  --skus <​SKU_IDs> ​           Comma delimited list of SKU IDs. 
---tags <raw tags> ​          Comma delimited raw tags. You need to understand LiteMage internals to use this. +  --related ​                  When used with "​products"​ and "​skus"​ options, will purge their related products (configurable/​bundled) and related categories. 
---all                       Flush all cached files in LiteSpeed Web Server.r.+  --cats <​category_IDs> ​      Comma delimited ​list of category IDs. 
 +  --stores <​store_IDs> ​       Comma delimited ​list of store IDs. 
 +  --tags <raw tags> ​          Comma delimited ​list of raw tags. Advanced: must understand LiteMage internals to use this option
 +  --all                       Flush all cached files in LiteSpeed Web Server.
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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