LiteSpeed Cache for OpenCart

NOTE: This plugin is only for OpenCart 2.3/3.0.

Visit our website for more information about our cache plugins.

See also: LSCache for OpenCart on Github

Download the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin to your local computer by visiting our GitHub repository and you can choose the version you want.

Once you have downloaded the plugin, you can install by visiting (where is your site's domain) Extensions → Installer and Upload the downloaded zip file and start the installation.

Once uploaded, install the plugin by visiting Extensions → Choose Modules from Filter → LiteSpeed Cache

This step is optional. Once the plugin is activated, your cache is already up and running, but on the configuration screen, you can customize a few settings.


Purge All Cache

This button clears the entire LiteSpeed cache for this virtual host. This includes any other web apps using LSCache (WordPress, XenForo, etc.) on this vhost.

Rebuild All LSCache

This will generated cached files for this site

Enable browser developer tool and visit Network → Doc → Headers → Response Headers, you should see X-LiteSpeed-Cache: hit

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