Auto Purge Rules Explained

The LiteSpeed Cache settings page has an Auto Purge Rules section. This section lets the admin configure which posts are purged when a post is published/updated.

For sites that require instantaneous updates on every page when there is a new post, select “purge all pages” when a post updates. This is useful when a site's sidebar has a widget for “Most Recent Posts”, for example.

If only the front page shows the latest post and the other pages will not be affected, the admin only needs to select “purge front page” for the auto purge.

To optimize performance, the admin should only check the options that are necessary. For example, with the historical archive, if the site only has a monthly archive and does not have a yearly archive or daily archive, only the “monthly archive” needs to be checked. If the site does not have archive by author, then there is no need to select it as extra checks will only slow down the process.

If there is a test server available, the admin should test the settings and see what is automatically purged when a post is updated. Make sure that the browser is receiving the pages from the cache first, then update/publish a post and refresh the browser to check the pages that are no longer cached.

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  • Last modified: 2016/03/25 16:15
  • by Michael Alegre